आहतोऽपि प्रवर्धेऽहम् पुनराप्नोमि यौवनम् । ददामि लोकसेवार्थम् छाया पुष्प फलानि च ॥ THOUGH HURT, I GROW, REGAIN MY YOUTH AND GIVE AGAIN… SHADE, FOLIAGE, FLOWERS AND FRUITS IN THE SERVICE OF HUMANITY

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DGR (Director General of Resettlement) Course

This is a course conducted for retiring soldiers. It is a 3 months course in association with TATA motors. After successfully completing this course trainees acquire certificate from TATA motors and recommendation letter for their placement with authorised Service Centre of Tata Motors close to their native place. They can start their own service centre or open shop for spare parts.