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Value Addition Training at QMTI

After their service with armed forces soldiers are aptly suitable to undertake supervisory assignments. Prevailing opportunities however demand certain additional skills. Inescapable for effective supervisory / managerial assignments, are  computer literacy at least upto e-mail communication for reporting / monitoring, functional English listening, speaking and writing and soft skills. Hence, following value addition training is compulsory for all students at QMTI.

IT Literacy

3 months computer course titled MS-CIT (Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology). This course is mandatory for state govt jobs in Maharashtra. The trainee learns to operate and work through MS Office and communicate through e-mails. It is mandatory for all non-computer courses.

QMTI is an authorised centre of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd (MKCL) for conducting MS-CIT course. The centre has 12 computers with one server. Fees for this course is as fixed by MKCL. Present fee is Rs. 3500/-

Functional English

Certificate course for functional English speaking and writing is of 1oo hours duration. Certified training is imparted by  English Language Teaching Institute of Symbiosis (ELTIS). Classed are so scheduled that it gets covered during the period of main training itself.  The fee for the course is periodically reviewed and decided by ELTIS. Present amount is Rs.4200/-. After undergoing this foundation course some students voluntarily join evening two hour duration classes at ELTIS for one year advance course.

Soft Skills

As necessitated by the prevailing employment standards, training is imparted for development of soft skills. It is organised through a week long capsule and covers important topics e.g. goal setting, communication skills, team spirit, time management, resume writing, facing interviews, motivation etc. The training is conducted by an expert team from Vishwakarma Institute of Management with fees of Rs. 800/- This is also scheduled and conducted along with main training.