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Main Training at QMTI

Three main areas suitable for the challenged soldiers are, IT related assignments as computer operators / computer hardware and networking technicians, ITI level assignments in general engg trades and lower and lower middle level managerial assignments in these areas, marketing and offices. Training is organised for following:-

Training Area

Name of the trade






1 Year

10+2 Pass

Pune University



1 Year

10th pass



1 Year

10th pass

NCVT, Jetking, C-DAC

Engineering Trades


2 Year

10th pass



2 Year

10th pass


Mechanic Diesel

1 Year

10th pass



Diploma in Industrial Administration and Services Management (DIASM)

The course has been designed by Deptt of Management Sciences, Savitribai Phule Pune University for soldiers for lower / lower middle level managerial assignments and self-employment. It is the only graduate diploma course of its kind. It aims for smooth integration of soldiers into prevailing corporate / industrial environment and boost their confidence for entrepreneurship.

The topics covered are principles and practices of management & business communication, microeconomics, business mathematics & statistics, business law, managerial accounting, principles of marketing, human resources management, computer fundamentals, managerial economics, manufacturing and operations management, financial management, research methodology, entrepreneurial development and project management. The electives are - Security and office administration, retail management, banking and insurance, travel and tourism and information technology. Course affiliation – SPPU, duration – one year, qualification – class 12th of any stream.      

Soldiers undergo an entrepreneurial development and project management to improve their planning skills. On job training for one year is undertaken by soldiers in area of interest incl various emerging services. Many soldiers have started with their own business after this course.

Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA)

It is a computer operator course certified by NCVT. Concurrently training is imparted for C-DAC certified course Diploma in Web Creation, DWC.             

Areas covered in this courses are Fundamentals, windows (XP & 7),  Linux and office packages like MS Office, star office, Internet concepts, Scripting languages, Accountancy s/w like Tally, Programming concepts in VBA and e-commerce concepts. DWC covers Web designing with PowerPoint, HTML CSS, Java Script and graphical packages like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Audio & Video editing, and animating s/w like Flash. For practical purpose two labs with 21 computers each are available.

After completing this course soldiers undertake OJT / Apprenticeship training in various central, state govt establishments and local business centres for one year. It prepares them for both govt and private jobs. Job opportunities in various fields are clerical jobs in govt sectors, Bank sector, IT sector, web designer, DTP operator etc.Course affiliation –  C-DAC, NCVT, Duration – one year, Qualification – class 10th.

Computer Hardware Networking and Maintenance (CHNM)

The course deals with the training in hardware and networking of computers. It is certified by NCVT. Concurrently training is imparted for two more courses Jetking certified course named Jetking Certified Technical Associate, JCTA, and C-DAC certified course named Certificate Course in PC Hardware and Maintenance, CCPH.

Areas covered are basic electricity & electronics, installation of various operating systems, I/O devices, soldering & desoldering in Motherboard, RAM chip etc, network maintenance. Trainees are maintaining the computer systems of the institute. Two labs have been provided, one each for computer repairs / maint and for networking.

Jetking Certified Tech Associate (JCTA)

Trainees undergo this course in parallel with CHNM. It’s a course trained by one of the most leading company for hardware training. The training takes them up for the level of global certification of CCNA and MC-ITP. The course contains three modules as follows:

Certificate in Basic Electronics and Computer Hardware and Office Tools

Certificate in Client Operating System Support and Networking Fundamentals

Certified Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Network Administrator

C-DAC Certificate Course in PC Hardware and Maintenance (CCPH)

Like COPA, hardware trainees also undergo training from C-DAC. This training deals with PC components, peripherals, troubleshooting a PC and networking.

Exams of C-DAC and Jetking are conducted in the company location and the trainee is certified accordingly. In one year trainees get three certificates, which helps to get good job in IT sector or can open their own hardware shops, Cyber Cafe etc.

After completion of the course, trainees undergo one year on job training. Jetking facilitates placement of soldiers for this with reputed local establishments.Students are also encouraged and motivated to appear for the MS-CIT exams and obtain its certificate during the currency of this course. Course affiliation – Jetking, C-DAC, NCVT, Duration – one year, Qualification – class 10th.

Engineering Trades

Considering present and emerging lifestyles certain engineering vocations continue to assume importance. Suitable for challenged soldiers are electrician, automobile related and misc mechanical repair works. Accordingly vocational training is presently organised through ITI courses for electrician, diesel mechanic and fitter trades. Considering evolution of new ministry and related organisations for skill development ITI courses are most suitable for both employment and self-employment. Electrician and Fitter ITI trades have already been recognised by NSDC for level 4 jobs.


This is NCVT affiliated course. Trainee gets knowledge of basic electricity, learn how to provide various domestic, institutional and industrial wirings with safety gears, deal with (fault finding & repairs) motors, generator, inverters and electrical home appliances. Exposure is also given for installing and maintaining solar power supply equipments.

On completion of the course, trainee gets a certificate of wireman and after apprenticeship they get a licence of supervisor. Employment opportunities of the course are like job in govt sector (State electricity board, RRB), self employment incl selling and repairing electrical items, accessories equipment etc and taking contracts for power supply erections and maintenance.

After completing this course soldiers undertake OJT / Apprenticeship training in various central, state govt establishments and local business centres for one year to gain work experience. Course affiliation –NCVT, Duration – Two years, Qualification – class 10th. 


This is NCVT affiliated course. Trainees who undergo training in fitter trade not only work in fitter but also various jobs like welding, plumber, blacksmith, sheet metal, heat treatment, die making etc. In short we can say that this is a multi-skilled trade.

Those who have completed training in Fitter section can in various fields like automobile sector, railways, shipping corporation, Marine, airways, any manufacturing industry, irrigation and also can do self-employment like workshop, hardware shop, fabrication work, machinery shop, building contracts.

After completing this course soldiers undertake OJT / Apprenticeship training in various central, state govt establishments and local business centres for one year to gain work experience. Course affiliation –NCVT, Duration–Two years, Qualification – class 10th.

Diesel Mechanic

This is NCVT affiliated course. In this trainees learn about hand, power tools, system of measurement, cutting tools, drilling machine, basic electricity and electronics, welding, heat treatment, hydraulics, pneumatics, occupational safety and health, engine and its components, valves, cooling systems, lubrication system, intake & exhaust system, diesel fuel systems, electronic diesel control, marine & stationery engine, emission control and troubleshooting machine.

After training in this trade one can acquire job in areas like auto diesel engine mechanic, diesel engine service technician, as mechanic in auto manufacture industry, driver, vehicle operator, self-employment like having shop for spare parts.

After completing this course soldiers undertake OJT / Apprenticeship training in various central, state govt establishments, local workshops and industrial houses. Apprenticeship for this course is for two years. Course affiliation –NCVT, Duration–One year, Qualification – class 10th.