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Admissions for Training at QMTI

The QMTI provides training to serving armed forces personnel primarily but it also admits trainees from Ex-service personnel and Dependents.

Serving Personnel

Serving Personnel : Army

Policy for admission to QMTI courses has been laid down by Ceremonial and Welfare Directorate (CW-5), Adjutant General’s Branch vide their letter No B/47063/AG/POLICY/CW-5 dated 12 October 2010. Application form, format annexed with this letter, duly recommended by CO/OC unit are required to be submitted, through respective Record Offices (or equivalent), toCW-5. Approval for the training is accorded by CW-5. CO/OC unit are required to certify that the training fees will be paid through unit / Corps resources.

The Application Form and the Army HQ letter dated 12 Oct 2010, laying down policy for admission to QMTI may be downloaded.

The processing sequence is shown below. Considering the involvement of three HQs in the processing, it should be initiated by 01 Apr every year so that admission form duly sanctioned by CW-5 reaches QMTI by 01 Jul.

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Serving Armed Forces Personnel : Admitted in Military Hospital, Khadki

Disabled serving soldiers belonging to Army, Navyand Air Force under protracted medical treatment with MH Kirkee are permitted to join QMTI courses through such recommendation by Commandant MH Kirkee. These soldiers admitted either with Spinal Cord Injury Centre Wards or Surgical Wards are required to sign an agreement for such training. They attend classes during their period of hospitalisation.

Serving Personnel : Para Military Force

Disabled soldiers belonging to Para Military Force are required to apply for admission through respective Directorate

Ex-Service Personnel

Admission Form is available with Rajya Sainik Board / QMTI. Ex-servicemen may directly approach QMTI for admission along with documents authenticating their service in the Armed Forces.


Admission is available to direct dependents i.e. son, daughter and spouse only. Form C, applicable for dependants are available in QMTI. A written test is conducted before granting admission.