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Alumni Day

Those students who have passť out the institute are called as alumni of the institute. Since the students of the institute are differently able soldiers, they require some sort of motivation and role models, for this reason alumni’s of the institute are invited to the institute and give a small speech regarding their experience in and out of QMTI. This day is celebrated on December 16 of every year. So far five Alumni meet were held in the institute.

Alumni Day 2017

5th Alumni Day was celebrated in befitting manner by the students on 16 Dec 17. As followed last year, students of Management Diploma course sent invitations to more than 50 Alumni made arrangements for their stay in Set Guest House of the university, decorated the venue, Kargil Hall and conducted the felicitation programme.

25 Alumni, five outstation, attended the function. First timers included, JP Kushwaha, Dip Chand, Raosahib Patil, Venkata Swami. All these 16 were felicitated. 19 Alumni were video graphed separately. 10 shared their experiences after retirement. JP Kushwaha gave details of the firm established by him in Pune for undertaking lift installations and other sundry building / electric repair / maint work. Venkata Swami     gave details of cyber cafe and computer repair works undertaken by him. He said that by undertaking assignment in this manner he could employ 4 / 5 students and was free to undertake social service works.

CEO thanked all the Alumni for attending the function. He also encouraged and motivated them for caring about the functioning of the Institute. By such continued involvement QMTI will grow from strength to strength and continue to improve the re-employment prospects of soldiers.