आहतोऽपि प्रवर्धेऽहम् पुनराप्नोमि यौवनम् । ददामि लोकसेवार्थम् छाया पुष्प फलानि च ॥ THOUGH HURT, I GROW, REGAIN MY YOUTH AND GIVE AGAIN… SHADE, FOLIAGE, FLOWERS AND FRUITS IN THE SERVICE OF HUMANITY

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Aims & Objectives

1. To provide vocational-cum-professional training to disabled serving and ex-service personnel of the Armed Forces with emphasis on honing their skills and equipping then for respectable post-retirement rehabilitation in keeping with contemporary job environment.

2. To provide vocational training by filling balance vacancies by giving admission to persons of following categories:- defence personnel undergoing protracted treatment in service hospital, ex-servicemen and servicemen, dependents of servicemen and ex-servicemen, physically handicapped or suffering from a medical / surgical condition personnel of Para military forces, police and civilians not requiring active treatment.

3. To provide married hostel accommodation to soldiers on as available basis for the duration of their training at the Institute.

4. To procure contribution to the funds of Trust in the shape of donations, annual subscriptions or other valid forms as determined from time to time.

5. To promote objectives of the Trust. To provide patronage and support in the establishment of other trusts, companies, societies or associations formed for all or any of the objectives of the Trust.