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Queen Mary





Almost a century ago...

Old building of QMTI in Mumbai

This institute was founded by Lady Marie Willingdon, wife of then Governor Bombay province Lord Willingdon, during World War I. The Lady was moved by seeing the condition of Indian soldiers returning from European and African theatres of war. She started Queen Mary’s Technical School for Indian Disabled Soldiers on 16 May 1917 in Braganza Hall of Sasoon Barracks, Mumbai. Queen Mary and Lady Willingdon donated Rs 10 lakh each as Corpus Fund to start the school.

It was registered as non-profitable limited company under the Indian Companies Act, 1913. Queen Mary was the first patron. Purpose was to impart vocational training to the war casualties of the India Armed forces to enable them to earn an independent respectful living. The institute moved to Pune (Kirkee) in 1922 and is located on B-3 Defence land. Post independence, in 1953 it was duly registered as a Charitable Educational Trust under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950.

The registration No is E-102. Name was changed to Queen Mary’s Technical Institute (QMTI) in 1966. This is a premier Institute of its kind in India. The admission is open to the disabled Servicemen of Army, Navy and Air force, as also personnel of Para-Military forces, ITBP, CRPF and disabled civilians in that order of priority.

QMTI now, at Khadki, Pune


Lady Marie Willingdon